Fish Stocking and Monitoring Summary

Whitewater Lions Club 2019 Fish-a-Ree Winners
SPECIE           ANGLER          WEIGHT     LENGTH
Bass          Josh Holmes           7.0 lbs       22 3/4″

Blue Gill    Brice Remington    3.2 oz        6 1/8″
Crappie     Cody Kravik            5.3 oz        8 1/2″
Northern   Cody Kravik           8.6 lbs      33 3/4″
Perch         Jason Schultz         1.3 oz        6 1/4″
Rough (Bullhead) Robert Rottermund 1.4 lbs 12 1/2″

2018 Whitewater Lions FISH-A-REE WINNERS
SPECIE           ANGLER          WEIGHT     LENGTH
BLUE GILL   GARY SMITH      6.0 OZ        8 3/4 IN

CRAPPIE       GARY SMITH      1.00 LB    11 3/4 IN
WALLEYE    CHARLIE GOES    3.80 LB   21 1/2 IN
BASS           NICK MUNDING     5.60 LB         21 IN
NORTHERN  MATT FELLAND   8.00 LB         31 IN

Whitewater Lake was stocked with 2000+ walleye on Nov. 2, 2015 by the Wisconsin DNR.  Three shipments of 6-8 inch walleyes were stocked in the lake for a total of 5588 fish.

  • Monitoring on Whitewater Lake indicates
    – a moderate catch rate of average to above average sized largemouth bass
    – a low catch rate of nice sized northern pike and walleye
    – an average catch rate of relatively small panfish (bluegill, perch, crappie)
    – Rice Lake produced the same results, but no walleyes
  • Higher stocking rate for Whitewater Lake in 2015. Increased stocking of large fingerling walleye and northern pike will provide fishing opportunities for these top predator species while also potentially improving panfish size structure through increased predatory control

Whitewater and Rice Lakes Fish Stocking and Monitoring 2014 Summary
Whitewater Lake 2010 DNR Information Data Sheet
Rice Lake 2009 DNR Information Sheet
Wisconsin 2014 Walleye Initiative

Tom Potrykus,  Fish Stocking Authority