Broadband Internet Providers known to work on our lakes:
local provider: Edge Broadband (FB Page)  (website)
other operators:
Netwurx   Pluto  Hughes Satellite   Verizon 3G   Sprint 3G   AT&T 3G

Recycling / Refuse Disposal
All homes are serviced with a weekly pickup of refuse and recyclables.
Recycling and Disposal for Town of Richmond
Recycling Guidelines for Town of Whitewater
New for Town of Whitewater:
John’s Disposal Collection Schedule

It is now illegal to use phosphorous based fertilizers in Wisconsin, be sure there is no phosphorous on the label of any fertilizer you or your lanscapers use.

BRUSH CHIPPING SERVICE is supplied the first Monday of each month
from June to October by appointment only. Call town office. The first
15 minutes of chipping is free, then a charge of $30 per 10-minute intervals,
per call. Brush 3′ or longer, 3/4″ to 4″ diameter must be placed at curbside
with cut end facing the road. Vines, rakings, roots and root balls will not be