Persons born after January 1, 1989 must possess a Boating Safety Certificate to operate a motor driven boat in Wisconsin. The only exceptions are:
1.  A person born before January 1, 1989 is supervising the operation of the Boat.
2. The operator of the boat has a valid certificate from another state
3. The operator of the boat was born before January 1, 1989.
The information above applies to all boating types & applies regardless of the state of residency of the operator.

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– There is a SLOW WAKE ordinance between the hours of 7 pm and 9 am Friday, Saturday, and holidays.  Other days water skiing and boat wakes are permitted from 9:00 a.m. to sunset.

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The following are courteous behaviors to prevent mishaps and anger among lake users as well as some state regulations:
Registration and Titling
Prohibited Methods of Operation
Personal Flotation Devices
Navigation Lights
Equipment Requirements
Age Restrictions
Wisconsin PWC Law
Waterway Markers
Water Skiing
Traffic Rules
New Pier Legislation
What to carry on board boat
Life Jacket for Each Person
Throw Cushion
Fire Extinguisher
First Aid Kit