JNT’s Parkside Marina  262-473-5028
N7660 State Park Rd.
JNT’s Marine Pros.  262-473-5960
N8066 County “P” & Kettle Moraine Rd

Wisconsin Electric Power                                                                                 800-242-9137
Diggers Hotline                                                                                           800-242-8511
Wisconsin Natural Gas                                                                                800-236-9874
Whitewater Lake Recreation Area (Wis Dept of Natural Resources)                 262-473-6427
Richmond Town Hall           W9046 County Highway A                                   608-883-2269
Whitewater Town Hall         W8590 Willis Ray Road                                       262-473-4639


Heart Prairie Lutheran Church, W8136 R&W Town Line Road
The only church located in the Town of Whitewater.  It is one of the oldest churches in Wisconsin to have continued service to a community.  Schedule:  Memorial Day through Labor Day; Saturday 5 p.m., Sunday 8 a.m.  On the last Sunday of these months there is an Oil Lamp Service at 8:30 p.m.

Assembly of God, 1540 W. Walworth                                                      262-473-2755
Calvary Lutheran Church & University Chapel, 234 N. Prince                262-473-5274
Christus Lutheran Church 1360 Delany RD, Richmond                            608-883-2185
Community Church of Whitewater, 214 S. 2nd ST                                 262-473-7776
Congregational Church-UCC          , 130 S. Church ST                           262-473-4101
First English Lutheran Church, ELCA, 401 S. Main                                 262-473-5076
First United Methodist Church, 145 S. Prairie                                         262-473-2131
Kettle Moraine Baptist Church, 505 S. Wisconsin                                   262-473-2224
North Lima Presbyterian Church, 9233 Lima Center RD                          262-473-2431
Richmond Methodist Church, N6197 Church Road, Richmond                 608-883-2040
St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, 116 S. Church ST                   262-473-5216
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, 146 S. Church ST                                      262-473-8980
St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, 1235 S. Elizabeth ST                                262-473-3143
Whitewater Bible Church, 511 W. High                                                  262-473-3893