Mission Statement

GREATER WHITEWATER LAKE PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION This body is organized for the purposes of representing the Property Owners of Whitewater and Rice Lakes in order to promote, protect, and preserve the environment and the quality of life which led to the initial investment of our resources in this area. In fulfillment of this purpose, our Mission will be to act as an advocate in promoting the interest of GWLPOA with governmental and private organizations; to collect, channel and focus the concerns of the Members; to act as a communications medium for the property owners; and to initiate and support those activities which will add to the overall enjoyment and well being of the Members of the GREATER WHITEWATER LAKE PROPERTY OWNERS’ ASSOCIATION.  The GWLPOA is the social and activities arm of the lake.  The Lake Management District is responsible for lake operations.

History of Whitewater and Rice lakes

 2015 Ratified Mission and By-Laws

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2015 Year in review:
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2015 Annual GWLPOA Newsletter

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