Weed pickup at piers begins this Saturday. The harvester makes one circle in the morning beginning at 9am. Have your floaters and rakings at the lake end of the pier. Do not include any hardscape, twigs, branches, stones which cause expensive repairs to the conveyor belts.
Cutting begins today in areas not sprayed. Sprayed areas will start cutting after June 10.
A big thanks to Ernie Roy, Larry Brady, the DNR and Wis Ag folks for their service in these efforts.

Whitewater Lake chemical treatment w nameRice Lake chemical treatment with name2015 pesticide warningSpraying was done Monday, May 18.

Whitewater and Rice lakes will be treated. Per DNR notice is here given with technical treatment information.  The yellow areas on the maps indicate where spraying will occur.  Do not irrigate lawns or flowers with lake water in these areas until June 9.  The treatment has no effect on animals.  The yellow WARNING signs will be posted on piers in the areas to be treated.   Endothall Chemical Fact Sheet        2,4-D Chemical Fact Sheet         Approved Whitewater Lake Permit       Approved Rice Lake Permit         Affidavit of public notice

2015 Spring Lake District Newsletter  and  Insert

May Newletter  and annual report———————————–
May Newletter and Annual Report
April Newsletter and By-Laws review
2015 Annual GWLPOA Newsletter

Lake and Aquatic Invasives Grants  DNR has developed a new grant program to help shoreline owners take steps protect their lake with best practices for 2015!


Thank you to the wonderful team square dancing 2014of Elaine Florczak, Judy Dern, Cathy Braun. Gloria Navarrre, and Carol Marvin for the excellent square dance and dinner. This was an excellent and fun ending to the GWLPOA events of the 2014 season.  Thank You Gloria for leading the GWLPOA in fun activities the last few years.  Congratulations to Lillian Roy in taking over.

jnt fireworks
We hope you have participated in some of our great events. The Golf Outing, Bratfest, Fireworks weekend and the GWLPOA Summer Lakeside Get Together were outstanding fun.


The Wojdula Gallery of Whitewater Activities