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With the approval of the Whitewater-RiceLakes Management District and the Wisconsin DNR, a fish spawning habitat (rock reef) has been placed along the NW side of Isabella Island. The Island is along the NE side of Whitewater Lake (see Map). The rock reef is 1ft deep, in 2 to 5 ft of water. It is 100 feet long, starting about 4 ft from shore, and extending out approximately 14 ft.  
HAZARD BUOYS…white and ORANGE with ROCKS wording…have been placed at the outer corners of the rock area. Swimming and boating in the area is discouraged.  The rock reef will provide improved habitat for fish spawning, primarily for the walleyes stocked in Whitewater Lake these past years.  Protect your propeller. Stay out of the area. Enjoy the rest of the lake.  

New Shoreland Zoning presentation to Walworth County Lakes Association

Walworth County Shoreland Zoning Ordinance

Algae have been down compared to a majority of southeast Wisconsin lakes. That’s because we work hard to keep nutrients out. One way is to use phosphorous free fertilizers (zero in the middle number). Another way is to keep organic material out.  A third way is to not release any caught carp.  Throw them in the trash or on shore for foragers.

Do NOT dump grass or leaves into the lake. Tell your landscapers to haul the material away. Let your neighbors who may not have access to the Internet know. Spread the word.


All assistance or questions about the buoys, buoy placement, buoys disconnected from its anchor should be directed to the Town Office: phone: 262-473-4639 or